You Need A Marketing Strategy.

Our Competitive Analysis & Marketing Strategies Create Massive Growth Opportunities

The Challenge

We all know how important it is to market your business, however, with so many advertising options and so many competitors, where and how should you start advertising? How can you put this in your business plan and be sure of a positive return on your marketing investment?

The Solution

Simply put, the solution is looking at data, and lots of it! This is where we can help you. Our marketing strategy & ROI consulting methodically takes a deep dive into your market and/or niche. We look into your competition and the best channels for your business to advertise in. This analysis ensures a realistic view of your market and arms us with the information needed to create a positive return on your marketing investment and grow your business.

Competitive Analysis - competitor traffic share

Do you know if you will be profitable marketing online? Do you have a marketing plan?

If not, you need one. Let’s face it. No one opens a phone book anymore. Everyone uses search engines like Google and Bing to find businesses. This form of advertising is a necessary part of any business plan today. The good news is that online marketing is also very traceable and easy to determine if it is working for you.

We are Google search certified and have over 17 years of experience in identifying marketing ROI for businesses. In answering just a few questions, we will identify the areas of online marketing that will be profitable for you as well as the areas to avoid. We will also be able to tell you what your business should expect in terms of budget, growth, and what channels will be most effective for you to advertise in.

Today, having an online marketing strategy and ROI forecast is a crucial part of every business plan. As a matter of fact, the internet has become the foundation of a business’s presence. We have seen many business ideas change or alter after reviewing our findings to accommodate search volume and user intent. Request one of the most important aspects of your business plan today and know what to expect. Learn how to make money from marketing your business idea online.

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Your Marketing Strategy is One Of The Most Important Pieces Of Your Business Plan.

This Critical Piece of Your Business Plan Will Show You How to Grow Your Business!

Why Our Competitive Analysis And Marketing Strategy Consulting Sets Us Apart

We thoroughly define your competition, marketing channels, and the opportunities that will produce the best ROI for your business plan or business idea. This creates a clear path to high returns on your marketing efforts and massive growth for your business before you spend a dime on marketing . Our competitive analysis and marketing strategy takes a deep dive into the following areas respective to your specific business model and market;

Competitive Landscape

Research and identify major competitors within your market, their traffic volume, and keywords.


Search Volume & User Intent

Research and identify search volume, keywords, search trends, click rate, and cost-per-click pertaining to your specific market.

Traffic Sources

Research traffic sources within your market, click rate, traffic costs, and volume.

Niche Identification

Based upon market / competitive data and average revenue per sale, identify appropriate marketing channels, high-intention key terms, and appropriate budgets.

Your Marketing Strategy is The Most Important Part Of Your Business Plan.

This Critical Piece of Your Business Plan Will Show You How to Grow Your Business! Call (844) 9-LYSTRA Or Complete The Form Below To Get A Comprehensive Marketing Strategy For Your Business Plan.