Email Marketing

Contact UsWe’ve all seen email marketing in our inbox. Lots of these marketing emails come through with odd subject lines that appear to personalize the email, but have your name spelled wrong, or have some funny characters, etc… Although this is what most people think of when it comes to email marketing, these are actually bad examples of what good email marketing is. Email campaigns are actually incredibly effective when done correctly.

When done correctly and tactfully, email campaigns are extremely valuable for increasing website conversions/sales. Just one example of this would be when you add something to your cart on a website and you get an email reminder about it…More often than not, you open this kind of email because it’s a response to an action you performed on a website, so you have skin in the game. Now, lets say, once you open this email you are pleasantly surprised to see that you have been given an additional 15% off coupon as an incentive to complete the purchase! I know as a consumer, I personally am a lot more likely to complete that purchase knowing that I can get an even better deal than I saw on the website. The above illustrates just one example of many high-performing strategies associated with good email marketing. There are many other strategies as well that increase consumer retention keeping the consumer coming back. We offer the following email marketing services:

Email Management 
Email Design
Audience Segmentation and Monitoring
Open rate and click through rate analysis and optimization

Below are the main categories of email marketing:


Emails that are in response to a user’s action on your website. When done correctly, this is an incredibly effective way to increase the probability of a sale or transaction occurring.


These emails are designed to be personalized, unsolicited messages that drive visits to your website. This is a great way to capture the attention of a user that has visited, but not purchased, or added anything to their cart and can be heavily personalized based upon user activity on your website.


More than 50% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices…The same is even more so relevant for checking email. With this information, it is critical to make sure that your email campaigns are mobile friendly.

Want To Keep Your Customers?

Do you know if your customers are returning to your website? We would be happy to provide you a free consultation and discuss how we can help you to attract and “keep” customers coming back.