Have you ever thought of Google as much more than simply a search engine? Because, it sure is! Google also serves as a business directory, a great one, for small businesses in particular.

Google is now becoming a very big part of how services and products in a location are being discovered by users in that particular location. This is because more and more people are now depending heavily on Google to get them answers to their biggest questions. Although, you might not realize it, but Google My Business is a simple and free tool for organizations and businesses to manage and control their online Google presence.

Google My Business assists in streamlining every of your business information including phone numbers, addresses and the likes across all of Google products.

Here are some other benefits of having a Google My Business listing for your business or organization.

Google My Business Is Free To Set Up

The fact that Google is a free service is good enough reason for small businesses to make use of it because of the unavailability of funds for TV, billboards, print or radio ads. This platform helps small businesses to push adverts to prospective clients in a particular area while spending a lot less.

Prominence on Google Search and Maps

In the event of listing in Google My Business, your business would get marked in Google Maps thus, providing your business’s precise location to prospective clients. Clients who are searching for your products or services will find you with no trouble when you list your business with the use of appropriate keywords used in Google Maps which works on phones as well.

Enhanced Search Engine Page Ranking

Google My Business places attention on local searches, and this means that a local business’s competition on Google My Business will be limited to the competitors within the area and not the whole city. As a result, there’s a great increase in the likelihood of your business getting to the top of the page results of search engines for your particular location and category.

In the event of ranking your business at the top of the page results, your leads will increase. This is because people will always choose what they see first, thus, the higher your position, the more clicks you get. Also, when your business goes to a higher position, your competition is lower in the search results, therefore, you will be getting all your competition’s businesses for yourself.

Accurate Information About Your Business
When you have your business listing with accurate information, it assists Google in knowing that your business is legitimate and helps to create a presence for your company online.

List Your Business On Google My Business Now!
This is an essential part of any internet marketing plan. Your business will pull in a lot more leads and clients as soon as you get your business to rank higher on Google. Well of course, you could push the listing off till later but, why would you put off getting new leads and clients till later?

Contact us today for more information on ways to increase your leads.

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