A solid online marketing campaign can do more than just place your hotel or resort on the map – it can make hospitality management easier as well.

An effective online campaign can ease hospitality management concerns in terms of ROI, staffing, and inventory. This is because these efforts provide a measurable way to attract and estimate new guests each month within a specific budget. The hospitality industry focuses on personal experience. That said, managers have to ensure that the consumer experience remains consistent while the hotel or resort still remains profitable and scalable.

In this industry, hospitality management is concerned with ensuring that new guests not only enjoy their first stay, but that they come back again. For this reason, your online marketing campaigns need to be divided between attracting new clients and retaining existing clients.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing efforts are going away as they don’t provide a measurable ROI. This means that they and are often unable to measure how many people are seeing your ads and converting. This can strain hospitality management efforts in terms of sunk marketing costs, planning, and supplies. Think about it. If you don’t know how many guests you will have, or how much that guest cost you in marketing dollars, how can you scale or provide a consistent experience?

Digital Marketing

With digital marketing, we have the ability to accurately measure ROI and forecast the number of guests you’ll have each month. We also have the ability to track and correlate the cost of a specific ad click to the revenue of a guest. This allows us to identify your average marketing cost for each guest. With constant monitoring and optimization, we can ensure that you are earning more money per guest than you are spending on marketing. This formula allows you to scale up your operation and ensure profitability each step of the way.

In other words, with data driven marketing efforts, you can save money, save resources and actually measure how many guests you can expect on a monthly basis. This also allows you to understand how much it costs in marketing to acquire a guest. Using this information, hospitality management can manage inventory and also forecast staffing needs so that your guests have everything they need for a spectacular experience.

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