Wonder what search engine marketing is all about? You have probably been in this situation before: you have had a busy day and it’s almost dinnertime.  You’re tired of ordering pizza, take out involves picking up the food and cleaning up after you eat, and you’re in the mood for something “different.”  You go to your smartphone, type in “nearby restaurants within (zip code),” and immediately a list appears on your screen.  You read the descriptions, check their reviews, and find the quickest route.

Have you ever wondered about how that list was compiled, what causes a sushi place to be above or below an Indian or Cajun restaurant?

It’s a matter of “search engine marketing,” a process which is used whenever you open Google, Bing, or any other site where you look for something.  Businesses realize in order to sell their goods and services, they need to make people aware of what it is they offer.  TV, billboards, and publications, although useful, have two problems: they are brief and seen by a limited audience.  Having a website is almost essential to validate what it is a firm does which is why it’s crucial to have one that is organized, well-maintained, and is up to date.

There are many categories of businesses and even more of what they can offer.  Obviously you want to have plenty of options but at the same time don’t want to be inundated with hundreds, maybe even thousand of choices.  You are likely more willing to choose one from among the first five or ten names on the screen which was put together depending on the amount a business is willing to pay to have their name appear on that first page.  And it is from search engine marketing that a lot of companies make the world’s population aware of what they do.

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