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The Challenge

We all know how important it is to have a marketing strategy for your business, however, with so many advertising options and so many competitors, where and how should you start advertising? How can you be sure of a positive return on your marketing investment?

The Solution

Simply put, the solution is looking at data, and lots of it! This is where we can help you. Our marketing strategy & ROI consulting methodically takes a deep dive into your market and/or niche. We also look into your competition and the best channels for your business to advertise in. This analysis ensures a realistic view of your market and arms us with the information needed to create a positive return on your marketing investment and grow your business.

Reaching People through Marketing Strategy ConsultingDon’t Invest in An Online Marketing Strategy Until You Know What To Invest In.

Having a digital marketing strategy for your business is a crucial part of your business plan. In a society that spends so much time on the internet and with so many different ways to advertise, it is critical to understand where to invest in online marketing so that you achieve a positive return on that investment.

We offer the following Marketing Strategy & ROI Consulting services:

Although there are many different ways to advertise online, there are only 3 high-level investments to make in terms of digital advertising:

Paid Media

Paid media is anything that you pay for on the internet to drive awareness of your business, or drive traffic to your website. This includes investment in paid search, paid social, and paid display advertisement, among other channels. If implemented correctly, this can be a very effective way to increase revenue and customer acquisition. This is also an effective tactic to use while waiting for your website to build it’s organic presence in the search engines like Google and Bing, as well as to drive traffic for highly competitive keywords.

Owned Media

Owned media is essentially any digital assets you, or your company personally own and have control of. In the case of owned media, you can increase revenue by using best practices for user experience, having good content, and leveraging other digital properties to cross-promote your service, or products. A digital property would include your website, social accounts, and any other digital real estate you own.


Earned Media

Earned media is a channel in which you put effort in over time and increase your website traffic organically. SEO (search engine optimization), as an example, is considered “earned” media because over time with the right strategy/focus, your website will start organically coming up higher in more search results because Google and others view your website as having quality content within your specific market.

If You’re Marketing Online, You Should Be Making More Money Than You’re Spending, Period.

Whether, you think paid, owned, or earned media is the right outlet for you, the reality is that you need to invest into all three to see a balanced return on your investment. This is where we come in…We have over 17 years of experience in marketing strategy consulting and are passionate about growing businesses. In order for us to do so, we create comprehensive digital marketing strategies & ROI estimates for each of our business partners. The proven strategies we create look at your competitors, the market as a whole, market gaps, demographic interests, and many other finite details surrounding your target audience. We not only provide you with the areas you should invest in, but give you a detailed, executable plan with forecasted returns in each recommended marketing channel. To date, this analysis has provided our clients with an average 10:1 return on their marketing spend.

Does your business have a digital marketing strategy? If not, you need one. The reason that our work is guaranteed is because our marketing strategies are so effective. We thrive on providing growth opportunities that help you grow your business online, the right way. Feel free to reach out us here and we’ll be happy to provide you with a marketing strategy that’s unique to your business!

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